What is scouting?

  • Suomen Partiolaiset – Finlands Scouter ry is the Finnish national organisation of scouting and guiding and part of the international scout movement. In the core of scouting are the local groups, which are led by voluntary scout leaders. The local groups are often supported by background organisations such as the church, municipality, or other communities. Local groups belong in regional districts, in the metropolitan area to The Helsinki Metropolitan Area Guides and Scouts.
  • The scout movement was founded in England in 1907. Scouting and guiding arrived in Finland already in 1910, so the Finnish scout movement has been active for over a hundred years.
  • Guiding and scouting means activities and experiences. Experiences develop healthy trust on one’s capabilities. The aim of scouting is to build a better society by raising independent, responsible, active, and healthy individuals.
  • Scouting and guiding is open for everyone. Also persons with special needs or long-term illnesses are welcome to so-called “sisu” scouting. “Sisu” scouting groups have more adult leader than other scouting groups and the scouting programme is adapted whenever needed.