Why join Kliffa?

Why should you come to Finland and Kliffa next summer? Here’ a list of 10 good reasons to get excited about Kliffa and start preparing for your coming adventure!

1. You get to attend unforgettable activities, which nurture your personal growth! 
2. You get to sleep outside in a Finnish forest together with your scouting buddies.
3. You’ll be transported to the campsite by a unique transportation only for scouts! (not kayaks)
4. You’ll be spending your time at Kliffa in a camp unit, which feels like one big scout-family. At Kliffa, international participants have been blended in with the native Finnish scouts and guides, resulting in an equal and open camping experience!
5. You get to forge international friendships beyond boundaries.
6. Kliffa will have numerous partners who bring their unique touch to the traditional way scouting is done in Finland!
7. The campfood will be delicious!
8. During the camp there will be numerous Finnish saunas to sweat off the dirts of the forest.
9. You get to visit Finland, one of the coolest (note the multiple meaning) countries in Europe.
10. The organizing committee is brimming with cool ideas to make your Kliffa-experience one you will never forget!