Arrival and departure from the camp

When to arrive?

We will arrange transportation from central Helsinki early in the morning on the 23th of July, and we do recommend using it to avoid confusion on the way to the campsite.

If you want make sure you will get on the busses from Helsinki, and the flight schedules on the 23th do not work, you can arrive to Finland on the 22th of July. If you wish to arrive on the 21th, please bear in mid that there is no transportation from the airport on that day. You are free to e.g. stay in a hostel in Helsinki and take the transportation on the 20th.

Means of transportation


The closest airport is Helsinki-Vantaa (HEL). The camp organization provides transportation from central Helsinki on the 23th of July, so you will have to get a train or a bus from the airport to central Helsinki. Transportation back to central Helsinki will be provided on the 31th of July. Kliffa bus transportation costs are included in your camp registration costs.


You can also take the train to Helsinki from Russia. Timetables and prices can be found via VR’s website.


From Sweden, Germany, Estonia and Russia, arriving by ferry is an option.

Tallink-Silja Line (From Stockholm and Tallinn)

Eckerö Line (From Tallinn)

Viking Line (From Stockholm and Tallinn)

Finnlines (From Germany)

St. Peter Line (From St. Petersburg)


The camp will end with the closing night ceremony on the 30th of July. Transportation away from the camp (to central Helsinki) is arranged only on the 31th of July, and that camp day only consists of packing up your things and undoing the camp constructions.