In general, Finnish people are seen as shy and withdrawn individuals, who like to keep to themselves. You may have seen the viral image about Finnish people standing in a bus stop with about two meters of free space between each other, further showcasing the stereotype of a group of loners!


However, even though we may appear distant and withdrawn, we are actually a very warm and friendly bunch of people, who love to meet new people once you’ve cracked the ice! You can try approaching your first Finnish people with the expression “kliffa tavata”, which means “cool to meet!”. Also, Finns tend to have many of their “serious” talks while sitting in a sauna, so you should definitely visit one.


Finnish people tend to be on time, so if you have to be somewhere at 12 o’clock, be there 12 o’clock, or maybe even 10 minutes early – being late is not good manners!