Here are some basic information about Kliffa. Read and be ready!

Rules of Kliffa and Finnish scouting camps

During Kliffa each participant regardless of age, race, ethnical background or position during the camp is required to follow the rules of both Kliffa and the Finnish Scouts and Guides.

  • In Finnish camps no alcohol is allowed inside the camp district.
  • Finnish people are punctual, so should you! When your program starts at let’s say 8:00 AM, be there at the latest at 7:55 AM.
  • Finland is known for its clean and well kept nature: Don’t litter or damage the forest and waters you encounter during Kliffa!
  • Use the camp scarf and age group ID at all times.
  • Don’t tease or discriminate other participants.
  • Swimming is restricted to the designated swimming locations during your own swimming times.
    Never swin alone!
  • Use of camp cookers and bonfires is allowed only with a permission on desginated areas.
  • Kliffa is a 100% intoxicant-free camp.
    Smoking is only allowed on the organizer’s designated smoking areas.
  • Between 10 PM and 7 AM no one should make any ruckus on the camp area: this is sleeping time!
  • Respect your own and each other’s property and belongings, don’t borrow anything without permission.
    Name tag your equipment and use any tools with care.
  • Kliffa can be seen on social media, but remember the following guidelines:
    • Don’t take photos secretly, troll or discriminate anyone.
    • During programs pay attention to the task at hand, not your phone.
    • Let your phone also sleep during nights.

Enjoy your Kliffa camp!