Kliffa 2018 – 23.-31.7.2018

Kliffa2018 is the eighth regional camp of the Guides and Scouts of the Helsinki region, which will be organized at Evo, Hämeenlinna from 23rd of July to till 31st of the same month 2018. We excpect aroun 5500 participants to this camp built around the theme “Together more new”. Kliffa is a slang word from southern Finnish, which roughly transslates to cool.


Registration to Kliffa is open from 15th of January until the 5th of March. You can register here.

Underaged participants should be registered by their guardians.

For Finnish paticipants: you need a working PartioID for the registration. This means you have to have a functioning ID, with which you can log in to Kuksa membersites. If you don’t possess such an ID, you can get it from your unit’s handler of memebership registrations.

Kliffa (23.-31.7.) participation fee is 210 €

Shorter Kliffa (23.-26.7.) participation fee is 130 €. All the cub scouts (7-9 years) participate in the shorter Kliffa. Shorter Kliffa is available for finnish scouts only!

We welcome all participants of at least 12 years of age from other countires to our camp! Unfortunately, international scouts younger than this age limit will have to wait for our next camp.

Participants’ program during Kliffa

Kliffa’s day program will be structured around eight different program valleys, where participants get to exercise their scouting skills, solve puzzles together, play and take part in sports, as well as try something totally new!

There will be suitable program for every participant from the youngest to the oldest, with their specific desires and experience taken into consideration. Adulta will be able to attend their programs when it best suits them, and the younger scouts will also have a lot of freetime with their buddies!

There will be three big stage events at the start, mid-point and ending of the camp. These spectacles will collect all of the 5000 or so participants to take part in once in a lifetime events, and there will be something for everyone to keep them entertained! 5000 participants = one blast of a time!

Services in Kliffa

There will be numerous shops and cafes at Kliffa. You can buy our awesome and unique camp products, or go have an ice cream or a cup of coffee with your local and international friends. At Kliffa you’ll be able to pay either by cash or with a credit card.

Should you get a need to fill yourself with Kliffa merchandise before the camp, you can do that in our webstore, which will open soon!

There will also be special leader cafe for people taking part in IST-related program during the daytime at Kliffa. Here those making the camp happen for the younger participants will be able to take a break, and attend special events desgined just for them.

Even though we’ll be staying in a forest, we pay close attention to making Kliffa as accessable as possible! This will be notified for instance in making the program valleys accessable to scouts who require special care, and taking sexual neutrality in to consideration when planning the camp’s numerous services. We will ask participants to provide all their special care needs regarding medication or other issues in the registration. Participants can also ask the camp organization to contact them regarding any specific needs, which could be taken into consideration when organizing the camp.

Bus transportations from the airport to the campsite and back are included in the participation fee. All of your unit’s equipment will also be transported to Kliffa with these busses.