Registration for finnish scouts

Registration to Kliffa is open from 15th of January until the 5th of March. You can register through the following link:

Register here

Note that this registration is for finnish scouts only. Registration for international scouts is lower on this page.

Underaged participants should be registered by their guardians.

For Finnish paticipants: you need a working PartioID for the registration. This means you have to have a functioning ID, with which you can log in to Kuksa membersites. If you don’t possess such an ID, you can get it from your unit’s handler of memebership registrations.

Kliffa (23.-31.7.) participation fee is 210 €*

We welcome all participants of at least 12 years of age from other countires to our camp! Unfortunately, foreigners younger than this age limit will have to wait for our next camp.

You can modify and cancel your registration free of charge, if you do this at 5th of March 2018 at the latest! After this date, the registration can’t be modified.

The participation fee will be charged in one installment, and the charging will begin from the 16th of April onwards. You have to have paid your registration fee, if you wish to enter the camp.

You should receive a confirmation email after you have succesfully completed your registration.

If you don’t receive a confirmation email after registering yourself, or should you have any other problems during the registration, please contact the camp organization using the following email address:

Registration for international participants

These are the registration instructions for our international guests. Please read them through carefully before filling any forms for yourself and discussing the registration with you head of contingent. Make sure to read the instructions for Schengen and non-Schengen participants especially carefully, since the instructions differ quite much depending on your country of origin!

  1. The head of contingent should first register themselves and do the contingent registration for their respective contingent.
  2. Contingent registration

    1. The registration platform Kuksa will first ask for the contingent’s information to be filled in, after which the head of contingent is guided to complete their personal participation registration.
    2. After completing the registration, the head of contingent should receive a confirmation email, in which he or she can find the contingent’s registration ID
  3. The other participants of the contingent will register themselves using the contingent registration ID, which the head of contingent has received (step 1.1) upon completing the contingent’s registration. The registration will take place at the following website:
  4. Register here

  5. The registration for our international participants is open until the 5th of March!
  6. After the registration deadline has passed, Kliffa will perform the billing of the participation fees by sending one joint payment request for each registered contingent. This one payment covers all the participation fees of the participants within the respective contingent.
  7. Participants from Schengen countries can register themselves following the above instructions.
  8. Participants from Non-Schengen countries:
    1. The project office of Kuksa will inform Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs in advance of the contingents, which have registered themselves within the registration period.
    2. Each registered contingent pays their respective joint participation fee.
    3. After completing the payment of the contingent’s joint participation fee, Kliffa will inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that the visa applications of the respective contingent’s participants can be processed.

Other terms and instructions

  • Kliffa organization will not be responsible for any charges caused to the participants by their visa applications and their processing.
  • Kliffa will not return the participation fee, should the participant be denied the necessary visa.
  • The costs of travelling from the participants’ countries of origin to Finland and back, as well as any possible accommodation fees before or after the camp are not covered by Kliffa’s participation fee.
  • The participant is required to organize the travelling to and from Finland by themselves, or as part of their respective contingent.